Secure payment for our E shop

After selecting products to purchase, the customer goes to Cart to make the order. Initially for the execution of the request, the selected products are presented to validate the customer. After the customer confirms the products must be registered and complete the data its own or the company and the delivery data which include the name, address, phone and e-mail client. After completing the data delivery requested by the customer to choose the appropriate payment method for ordering. After the customer chooses the method of payment, all items in the order presented to the customer to the next step. The order takes place after confirmation of all details of the customer in this step. The customer receives an e-mail which confirmed that the request was made after the completion of this process

Means Of Payment

The customer is able to make the payment of the product through the following three ways:

  • Cashwith courier or ELTA,
  • Receipt by the Winery
  • Payment on receipt.